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I'm Frika. I'm 28 years old, happily married for over two years now to the lovely [ profile] sandshrew. I work at a family-owned driving school in Michigan. I teach driver's training (including driving with the kids) and I am also the office manager, so I talk regularly about my daily life and the struggles of dealing with customers and teaching teenagers to drive.

I have two cat children that I also talk about a lot!

The big calico is Crookshanks, she is like 16 years old, so old. I've had her since she was only a couple of weeks old, she is my very first baby. The tiny black one is Mokuba, she is dumb and adorable. She is the baby of one of my parents' cats and we've been cuddling and spoiling her since she was two days old.

My fandoms are many and varied! You can find a (very incomplete) list here. Suffice it to say that if it has a good story and good characters, I love it! I am also an aspiring novelist, so stories and characters are something that I get a lot of joy out of, even if I'm still a long ways away from publishing anything of my own.

As far as roleplay goes, I am the head mod and creator of and I am a helper mod over at .

In Forest Covered, I have:
Tori Himemiya (Momo) | Ensemble Stars! | [personal profile] princelyprincess

In The Far Shore, I have:
Lance | Voltron: Legendary Defender | [personal profile] isayvol

My entire muselist can be found here and it is one heck of a muselist if I do say so myself.

I am always open to chatting and making new friends and am a genuinely friendly person overall, but I'm also a straightforward kinda person who doesn't have a problem with telling people when they're off base. In return, I'd like anyone to let me know privately if I've made them uncomfortable in any way so that I can fix my behavior! Otherwise, you can always come to me to vent or for advice or help. I love helping people and I'm sure I'd love to help you too! c:
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The Far Shore

Super Mechanic
The "D" from "Daisuki Bruno-chan"!

Cool Blue Paladin
You guys having a clock party?

Mostly Gentle Giant
Those who are tall and strong aren't the only opponents who are difficult to block.

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1 – Jeremiah running from Dhamet. Exposition of Dhamet, what it is, what it does, Jeremiah passing out.
2 – Waking up in Vittorio’s home. Exposition on Jeremiah’s hands and coming to realize Vittorio isn’t the
3 – Jeremiah reminisces on his life underground, son of a ‘faery’ king and queen. Memories of his siblings
(drop it down to like… five siblings or something).
4 – Introduction of Evelyn when she comes searching for Jeremiah. Sibling time and also Vittorio being a
5 – Just as Jeremiah seems to be healing, the demons find him and attack Vittorio’s home. Jeremiah tries to
lead them away to protect his sister and newfound friend, but they capture Vittorio and take him away.
6 – Jeremiah tries to find Vittorio with no luck. Introduction of Mina, who seems to know who Jeremiah is
and offers to help him find his friend.
7 – Mina describes her own encounters in the demon world and how their complexes are arranged. Through
recon they manage to locate an entrance and head in to save Vittorio.
8 – Rescue mission. They find Vittorio eventually, but he is comatose. Encounter and destruction of
Dhamet, with hints at worse to come still.
9 – Vittorio brought home, still in a coma. Jeremiah researches ways to help while Evelyn makes trips back
and forth from the underground to try and bring healing aids. She is found out by Lorraine, who follows her
there. Lorraine warns that Jeremiah is wrapping himself in something that is larger than all of them and that
he should stop what he’s doing. Jeremiah refuses on the grounds of needing to help the man who helped
him. Lorraine attacks him.
10 – With the advantage, Lorraine won. Jeremiah wakes up in the underground with no recollection of
anything that has happened past his leaving home. Lorraine explains to him that he was hurt shortly after
reaching the surface and that he’s been unconscious for days. But he’s home safe now. Jeremiah continues
to feel dizzy and distrustful until he notices the wounds on his hands still bleeding and the lie starts to
11 – Another fight with Lorraine, this time with Jeremiah victorious. He spares her, but locks her up so she
can’t stop him anymore. Now he needs to know what would turn his own sister against him. He goes to
confront his parents, but is stopped by (YOUNGER BROTHER FORGOT HIS NAME) who informs him
that if he sets foot in the throne room unprepared, he will be killed, by order of their parents.
12 – Jeremiah returns to Vittorio’s only to find that his friend has been moved to the hospital by his mother.
He sets out for the hospital and upon arriving finds that Vittorio is awake and in deep conversation with
Mina. Mina explains the concept of the Storyteller – an ancient force that has been condemned to simply
reside within a mortal’s body. Explains that she believes the Storyteller exists within Vittorio and that is
how he was able to wake himself up from the Dhamet’s curse.
13 – Research into the Storyteller and how he may be affecting Vittorio. Vittorio is released from the
hospital and helps as much as he can, but keeps getting distracted by the voice in his head that tells him to
do other things. Like find Evelyn because she’s in danger.
14 – They go to find Evelyn on that whim and discover that she’s been cast out of the underground and has
been banished to the demon world. After finding the entrance again, they set off after her, meeting much
more resistance this time than before.
15 – With Evelyn found, they try to find their way back to the real world, but are all of them captured and
locked up. However, before anything can be done, something seems to take over Vittorio and command the
demons. They obey his commands without any fight, though they seem to be doing so against their will and
come after them again almost immediately after they escape from the demon world.
16 – Once again, they go to confront Jeremiah’s parents, but this time Mina and Vittorio accompany them.
Many traps are sprung on them, but they force their way through – only to be confronted by the king and
queen directly. They try to kill their own children.
17 – Mina delivers the finishing blow to the queen, but Jeremiah is left fighting his father. Upon a word
from Vittorio, the king stops fighting and is run through. Jeremiah learns much from his father about
their attempt to seal the Storyteller away forever, their pact with the demons, their attempts to hide their
involvement in any of it, why they want the Storyteller gone. Jeremiah understands his parents finally, but
he still does not agree with them.
18 – With the ‘faery’ library at their disposal, Mina quickly finds the way to release the Storyteller from
his confines within Vittorio, but the Storyteller makes himself fully known in that moment and places the
decision in Vittorio’s hands – whether he wants to live without the constant presence, if he can handle
changing at this deepest core. Vittorio makes the decision to let the Storyteller go, claiming that he knows
the ancient force will always be with him anyway, and the world needs him more than Vittorio himself
19 – Months later, peace has been struck between the faeries and the demons, with Evelyn as the new
queen, being courted by Vittorio the mortal. Jeremiah still stays away from the underground much of
the time because he realizes his time is past. But watching new life form and change is much better than
fighting, he decides, and he goes on a quest to become a scholar.
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I finally got me a Dreamwidth account. I suppose the reason it took me so long is because I've always been really bad about keeping up with different blogs? Like... I can have one, maybe, and have the possibility of doing things on it regularly. But give me just one more and I become a useless blogger. Completely useless. But I suppose I'll give this a shot! Not sure what I'll use this for, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.


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