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2016-07-18 02:25 pm
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I'm Frika. I'm 28 years old, happily married for over two years now to the lovely [ profile] sandshrew. I work at a family-owned driving school in Michigan. I teach driver's training (including driving with the kids) and I am also the office manager, so I talk regularly about my daily life and the struggles of dealing with customers and teaching teenagers to drive.

I have two cat children that I also talk about a lot!

The big calico is Crookshanks, she is like 16 years old, so old. I've had her since she was only a couple of weeks old, she is my very first baby. The tiny black one is Mokuba, she is dumb and adorable. She is the baby of one of my parents' cats and we've been cuddling and spoiling her since she was two days old.

My fandoms are many and varied! You can find a (very incomplete) list here. Suffice it to say that if it has a good story and good characters, I love it! I am also an aspiring novelist, so stories and characters are something that I get a lot of joy out of, even if I'm still a long ways away from publishing anything of my own.

As far as roleplay goes, I am the head mod and creator of and I am a helper mod over at .

In Forest Covered, I have:
Tori Himemiya (Momo) | Ensemble Stars! | [personal profile] princelyprincess

In The Far Shore, I have:
Lance | Voltron: Legendary Defender | [personal profile] isayvol

My entire muselist can be found here and it is one heck of a muselist if I do say so myself.

I am always open to chatting and making new friends and am a genuinely friendly person overall, but I'm also a straightforward kinda person who doesn't have a problem with telling people when they're off base. In return, I'd like anyone to let me know privately if I've made them uncomfortable in any way so that I can fix my behavior! Otherwise, you can always come to me to vent or for advice or help. I love helping people and I'm sure I'd love to help you too! c: